"Reflections from the Past; Looking to the Future"


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The Museum of Women's History reflects the lives of women past and present.  It is a museum of ALL ages, for the ages.  Exhibits feature women from all walks of life, all professions, all ethnic groups and perspectives locally and internationally.  There's always something new at the museum! Don't miss the monthly exhibits and window displays.

Our Mission

To establish a museum for the preservation of women’s history;

To provide for study and research activities and for the dissemination of information about women’s history;  

To facilitate the understanding of historical processes and events from the perspective of women; and  

To accept and display artifacts which depict or illustrate the evolution of women’s history.


 40 years ago… (1974)

The US Little League allowed girls to participate for the first time.  Pope Paul VI issued a document declaring MARY a feminist, describing her as an activist and a “new woman” who “while completely devoted to the will of God", was far from being a timidly submissive woman.

 30 years ago… (1984)

Soviet cosmonaut Svetiana Sevitskaya  was the first woman to walk in space.  For the first time, the Olympics, held in Los Angeles, included a women’s marathon and 3,000-meter  race.  Geraldine Ferraro was the first woman to be chosen as a Vice President nominee on a major party ticket.

 20 years ago… (1994)

The Vatican allowed girls to become altar “boys”.  Liv Arnesen was the first woman to ski to the South Pole alone. The Norwegian pulled a 200 # sleigh filled with provisions for 50 days, in subzero temperatures for the 745-mile trek.





WHEN are we open?

This Museum is open WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE ON and THE DOOR IS OPEN!  (Volunteers are needed for consistent scheduling!)  We also are open for scheduled tours and during most downtown special events, like parades, art walks, and/or the Farmers' Market.

The Museum of Women's History is open to everyone.

Currently there is no entrance fee, but donations are greatly appreciated!

"If the lights are on...come on in!"

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