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Stroll Through History

Exhibits are grouped in historical eras from the Victorian to the present.

"Laced up, buttoned up, bound up and acting up"
- The Victorian Era

"The Liberated Woman"
- Postmodern Era

Women in the Military


In times of war, women have served their country behind the scenes and on the battlefront.  We honor the women who have served their country as civilians and in the military.

Life's Callings...
Working Women

1800s' School Marm, Early 1900s' Typewriter. Ironing Board

Women's professions...sometimes paid, sometimes unsalaried; assigned roles and personal choices...


Dolls, dishes,'s treasures and recreational activities.

Vintage Clothing


The Cothing Room


See how public opinion, textile availability, practicality, and personal choice have shaped what women have worn over the ages.  From frilly & fancy to everyday wear, our collection of vintage clothing tells a fascinating story.

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