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The Museum of Women's History reflects the lives of women past and present.  It is a museum of ALL ages, for the ages.  Exhibits feature women from all walks of life, all professions, all ethnic groups and perspectives locally and internationally.  There's always something new at the museum! Don't miss the monthly exhibits and window displays.

Our Mission

To establish a museum for the preservation of women’s history;  To provide for study and research activities and for the dissemination of information about women’s history;  To facilitate the understanding of historical processes and events from the perspective of women; and To accept and display artifacts which depict or illustrate the evolution of women’s history.


Women’s Suffrage Movement

100 years in Montana

Montana women received the right to vote in 1914, six years before the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, which guaranteed women’s suffrage nationwide.

Montana’s Indian women did not gain the vote until 1924, with the passage of the Indian Citizenship Act.

Woman of the Quarter

Margaret Tobin
“I don’t care what the newspapers say about me, as long as they say something.”  

Margaret  “Molly” was born into an Irish family in a tin-can river shack in Hannibal, Mo.  As a young girl, she moved to the gold fields of Colorado & married Jim Brown who was several years her senior, and one of the few to ‘strike it rich’. She traveled the world learning how to dress, curtsy, speak French and sing opera. She was booked on the Titanic & was one of the ‘women & children first’, so had many stories of her night on a life boat. The “Unsinkable Mollie Brown” was a flamboyant philanthropist with a life of travel, adventure & generosity.

It turns out that tour will be the last to be recorded about the historical facts and displays the MOWH has on the Street Level of 2824 3rd Avenue N, as that space will be vacated by MOWH. The address will now be just 2822 Third Avenue N.  The transition from Street Level to Lower Level will be during April & done by May 15th.

All Optimum email addresses will be changing to “Charter” by June 30th, so the museum’s email address is now museumofwomenshistory@charter.net  

Greg Lamont and Emily Nance from KULR-TV, Channel 8 was given a tour of the Museum of Women’s History by Brenda Eichele, which was broadcast on Greg’s Sunday Roundtable on February 2, 2014. SEE THE TOUR HERE.

Growing up on a farm near Billings, Montana, Chani Nava loved the night sky but never dreamed she’d delve into its physical heart. Today she’s part of the Minerva Telescope Project, a collaboration between the University of Montana, Harvard, and other schools here and abroad. She explains Minerva and also why astrophysics stirs her passions. She also tells what she learned summer 2013 on Nantucket Island (Massachusetts) following in the footsteps of America’s first noted female astronomer and feminist, Maria Mitchell. After the talk with Nava, more about Mitchell, plus a spotlight on 4th-century Chinese woman poet Su Hui, author of the visual poem, “Star Gauge.”

Listen to the Montana Public Radio interview HERE.





WHEN are we open?

We are consolidating to the Lower Level!

Not by choice.  

The Landlord has asked us to move from the Street Level, partly due to the inconsistent hours.

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