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The Museum’s Board & volunteers visited the Yellowstone County Museum in August & had a very informative guide when Director Ben shared with us the many accomplishments & their hopes for the future.  This was followed by lunch at the Rock Pile on 27th.

The Board of Directors also enjoyed a special tour by Luella at the Moss Mansion. The continuous renovations are impressive. After the tour we dined at the NaRa Restaurant.

Of special interest was the visit to the archive & artifact areas of both museums. We identified with their dilemmas & special conditions & gained a few new ideas for our own organizing.

Our lunch breaks are special.  

On the MOWH’s TV7 show, Bernie Wahl was interviewed by Souther. (yes, it is the other way around).  This was a surprise change and nice to learn about Bernie’s many versatile experiences in her yet so young life!

Greg Lamont and Emily Nance from KULR-TV, Channel 8 was given a tour of the Museum of Women’s History by Brenda Eichele, which was broadcast on Greg’s Sunday Roundtable on February 2, 2014. SEE THE TOUR HERE.

Growing up on a farm near Billings, Montana, Chani Nava loved the night sky but never dreamed she’d delve into its physical heart. Today she’s part of the Minerva Telescope Project, a collaboration between the University of Montana, Harvard, and other schools here and abroad. She explains Minerva and also why astrophysics stirs her passions. She also tells what she learned summer 2013 on Nantucket Island (Massachusetts) following in the footsteps of America’s first noted female astronomer and feminist, Maria Mitchell. After the talk with Nava, more about Mitchell, plus a spotlight on 4th-century Chinese woman poet Su Hui, author of the visual poem, “Star Gauge.”

Listen to the Montana Public Radio interview HERE.

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